Never looking for any inspiration, anything and everything inspires me. Strange right?


But inspiration is like that butterfly that comes and sits on your finger, when you least expect it to.

In my case, the inspiration could be derived from nature (the dry leaves are always inspiring), the way the yarns are organised in the yarn shop (one can discover the most interesting colour palettes here) or the clothes being worn by a guy who came by to repair my gas stove the other day. It really depends on my current state of mind. So I keep hold of my journal at every point of time. 

My journal reflects my mind in a way nothing else ever would

So any given day, if I notice anything, I either click a picture, if I am unable to sketch it down OR I do a rough sketch of my interpretation of that inspiration- how I would translate it into one of my things. And then further brainstorm on it, for executing and achieving the desired outcome. So a product -from colour to texture- is actually coming from many different inspirations, that makes the story behind the product much more interesting.

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